Humble Beginnings

Sio Food Group started from a humble roasted delight stall at Singapore’s heritage market Lau Pa Sat, also known as Telok Ayer Market, in 2018. The stall was named ‘SIO GOOD’ because we offered roast (‘sio’) meats like crispy pork belly and succulent roasted duck. Heartened by our early success in serving quality roast meat, our business expanded to include western cuisine and halal local delights under the belt of the Sio Food Group.


To serve food with a distinct and authentic Singaporean taste in both local and overseas markets. 


To run an efficient, profitable F&B business in Singapore and keep prices affordable.



Our logo is inspired by our belief that it is a blessing to be able to enjoy a meal, and is encapsulated in the three Chinese characters “食有福” within three hoops.

Firstly, positioned in the first circle, we pride ourselves in serving high quality, tasty and affordable food, represented by the steadfast navy blue.

Secondly, we value our relations with customers and believe that a positive attitude towards life will in turn churn out delicious food and happy customers, reflected in the affable bright yellow.

Thirdly, we take responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of hygiene, symbolised by the uncompromising orange.